We are a registered Non-Profit organization

tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3)



send a check

Please make check in favor of “Blossom Foundation” and mail to:

Blossom Foundation
PO Box 2255,
Graham, TX - 76450

To ensure that we are able to send you a tax receipt please include email id in the mail/check.

Amazon Smile

You can use smile.amazon.com for shopping and select “Blossom Foundation” as your beneficiary non-profit.

  1. Bookmark https://smile.amazon.com/ and always start your Amazon shopping from this link

  2. Enter your Amazon log in credentials

  3. After you log into the site, under Select your Charity, type in “Blossom Foundation Inc” and press Search

  4. Select “Blossom Foundation Inc”: this will appear as the first item in the search results. We are registered in Grapevine, TX (Grapevine is mis-spelt as Grapewine in the results that will appear)

  5. Upon selecting the charity, you can proceed with your shopping. You will only need to do this selection once

Corporate Matching

We are approved for matching at the following corporations. If you are employed at one of these corporations and make a donation then you can request corporate donation matching by visiting your internal donation matching website.

  1. 3M

  2. Apple

  3. Dell

  4. Google

  5. Intel

  6. LinkedIn

  7. Oracle

  8. Paypal

  9. VMware

  10. Walmart

If you would like to add Blossom Foundation to a corporation for matching donations then please send an email to secretary@blossomfoundation.com for details.


Email donations@blossomfoundation.com