Frequently asked questions on 2018 US retreats

1. How do we register for public Satsang events?

There will be a registration form for the Public Satsangs. You can write to if you need additional information.

2. Do we need to make our own accommodation for the DC area retreat?

No. All Satsangis that have registered for the DC area retreat will be receiving a link to make the payment to confirm the registration. This payment will include accommodation and food at the retreat location.

3. After we have submitted the registration form, when should we expect to hear back?

For Mt Madonna and DC Area retreat registrations, you would have received an email when you registered and it would have indicated that we will come back to you within 3 weeks. We will be coming back to you by the end of the first week of April. For NY group satsang, it will be about 4 weeks.

4. How do we find the information on Sri M’s 2018 USA program?

You can also go to and click on “Events” tab. The events are posted in chronological order and you will find Sri M’s USA events in the month of August and September. We are also posting the registration links for Mt. Madonna, DC Area retreats and NY group Satsangs below:

NY group Satsangs:

Mt. Madonna registration:

DC area retreat:

Note: For Mt. Madonna and DC area retreats, the links in the table will take you to a registration form.

It is a 2-step process to register for Mt. Madonna and DC Area retreats: For Mt. Madonna, we will send you the link to pay for the retreat. This is expected to happen in about 3 weeks (registration will be taken on a first-come, first serve basis). Following the payment for the retreat, we will send you the link to pay for your accommodation and meals with Mt. Madonna center. You will not be able to call Mt. Madonna directly and make the reservation. For DC area retreat, we will send you a link to pay for the retreat, accommodation and food, about 3 weeks after you are registered.

Apologize for any inconvenience caused if you expected to be taken directly to Mt. Madonna or DC area retreat center.

You will be able to call Menla directly and make your reservations for the retreat. Menla opened for reservations this week (week of March 19th).

5. Does Sir initiate for Kriya in every retreat?

No, it is not a given that there will be Kriya initiation at every retreat, and Satsang. For this year, Sir has indicated that he will likely do Kriya initiation in Menla, and DC Area retreats, besides Breitenbush retreat.

6. If I/We have small children, can I/We bring them along for the retreat?

Sorry, we are not able to allow children 12 and under to attend the retreat. Even if you have been given special permission to bring along your children, who may be 12 and under, to the retreat facility, we will not be able to allow them into the area where the workshop/retreat is being held. Please respect this request and make arrangements for your small children to be taken care of outside the area/hall where the workshop/retreat is being held. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

7. Are we allowed to record the Kriya initiation for future reference?

No, there will be no recording audio or video allowed of the Kriya initiation. If you have any questions regarding your Kriya practice, you will be able to reach Sir (Sri M) directly and he will provide contact information during the retreat/workshop.